Breeding is essential for the survival of a species, also for the well-being of all birds.

We find mates for all of our 1,300-plus birds.



We successfully breed

Three Lesser Bird-of-paradise hatchlings

Two Red Bird-of-paradise hatchlings

Three Salmon Crested Cockatoo hatchlings

Several Bali Starling hatchlings

One Black-winged Starling hatchlings

Many Nicobar Pigeon hatchlings

Several Black Palm Cockatoo hatchlings

Our long-term goal is to become a zoological centre of excellence for the Paradisaeidae family. We are off to a good start

Keepers are trained to recognize the behavior of birds that are ready to breed and then furnish appropriate nutrition & nesting materials.

At any time - between 12 and 15 pairs in the Park are doing so.

Specialized facilities for incubating and nurturing hatchlings.

Our Breeding Program

  • Rearing Birds of endangered species
  • Developing populations of rare species
  • Recording processes of breeding/ behavior
  • Developing and strong and recorded bloodstock
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