Breeding is essential for the survival of a species, also for the well-being of all birds.


Our release program seeks to replenish natural populations, improving their viability when numbers are low.

Captive-bred birds we have released include

Consulting, Monitoring, Auditing, sharing Gene Pool with:

  • Friends of National Parks Foundation in Nusa Penida
  • Begawan Foundation, in Ubud, Bali.
  • APCB in West Bali National Park

All three areas now have small colonies.

Over two dozen Eclectus Parrots, which we set free in Seram island’s Manusela National Park.

We are a reception center for birds rescued from Criminal Trappers. The birds undergo a rehabilitation program before being released back into the wild.

We have released Sea Eagles, Brahminy Kites, Buffy Fish Owls and Black Kites.

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